Cabin Camping on the Cape

Though we ended up camping just by ourselves, we had a lovely weekend camping in a cabin in Falmouth for Marcus's birthday. Maybe next year Sarah and Sean and other friends will join us!

Helen tried out Marcus's sleeping loft, but ended up sharing a full-sized bottom bunk in the bunkroom with Samantha, spreading both their sleeping bags out next to each other.

We had a really lovely firepit in front of the cabin.

The girls loved the pool, and Robert took them to the little lake to go paddleboating as well.

We made a few trips to the nearest Dairy Queen over the weekend.

On Marcus's birthday, he opted for lobster rolls for lunch, and then at dinner we gave him some presents and sang Happy Birthday over a gooey cast-iron pan cookie cake with raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

We went to one of the Falmouth beaches one day, and also pursued other creative endeavors--crocheting bear clothes, flying kites, and (when it poured so hard one afternoon that we were very glad of our cabin's walls) drawing.

Mini-golf and bumper boats just before we went over the bridge back to the mainland was a good final vacation stop. Then we went to Ba Le Bahn Mi in Dorchester on our way home to grab a Vietnamese feast to bring home for an end-of-vacation lunch.


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