Bakers Against Racism

I bake for fun. For stress relief. For hospitality. For family and friends. For coworkers. For neighbors. For hundreds of people at church events. And now, apparently, for funds for the fight for antiracism. It's fitting, of course--Samantha and I read Pies from Nowhere last year, and it made a big impression on her. When I heard about Bakers Against Racism, it seemed like a very small thing I could do right now.

UPDATE--6/20/20: THE SALE IS OVER! We raised $866 for Families for Justice as Healing. 26 people bought baked goods, and three others supported without buying. I made and sold 39 sourdough bagels, 10 pans of spanekopita, 5 pans of blondies, 5 dozen chocolate chip potato chip cookies, 4 trays of tiropitas, 3 dozen kolouraki, 3 poundcakes, and 2 dozen muffins.

Above: thank you cards Helen and Samantha colored for me,
with little notes inside, and rainbow sugar cookies I tossed in to most orders
as an extra thank you as well.


What am I offering?

ALLERGY NOTE: Everything contains dairy and eggs except the bagels (egg white glaze only). Everything contains gluten except the blondies. While my kitchen isn't nut-free or gluten-free, I do bake regularly for a child with severe allergies and am aware of cross-contamination hazards.




Where will your donations go?

I really like the organization Families for Justice as Healing. They're a local, Roxbury-based nonprofit that includes the voices of formerly incarcerated women, primarily POC, in the dialogue about prisons and the fight for abolition. They have actively lobbied architecture firms to withdraw their bids for new Massachusetts women's prisons and overall argue for an investment in communities, rather than prisons. You can donate to them directly on their website.


How can you order?

I'm an amateur baker; I obviously don't have a store or an official way to take orders or collect payment. But I think we can keep it simple and still keep track of things, using the steps below.

    1. Read the detailed descriptions of items above.
    2. Go to this SignUp Genius link (inactive) to reserve an item. Please make sure you enter your email address correctly so I can respond to you.
    3. Check your email for a response from me confirming your order and specifying address for pick-up.
    4. Go to the Families for Justice as Healing site and donate the minimum suggested amount for your order. (Note that I don't need to see a screenshot of this; if you are participating, I'm assuming good intentions on your part.)
    5. Respond to me by email confirming when you'll be picking up your items (Thursday-Sunday June 18-21).
    6. Pick up your items (appropriately socially-distanced pickup in central Jamaica Plain) and enjoy.
    7. Continue working for antiracism.


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