February and Early March 2020


Life before Covid-19 restrictions settled on Boston...


Mandarin-language Valentine's Day card from Samantha. Thankfully she translated it for me. Some of my students pronounced her handwriting "just like a second grader in China's handwriting."


President's Day at the MFA, with a Haitian dance performance and interactive class, and some art-making activities.


Basketball class and library date with Vanessa every Saturday.


Girl Scout cookie sale in front of South Station on Friday afternoon, Valentine's Day:


More art (Samantha's).


Adult Pinewood Derby at a brewery/beer hall in Roslindale. Sean placed in the heavy racer division and Robert won in the stockcar division.


Homework. Helen usually sits with Samantha while she does hers, and then sometimes writes something on her own. This was Helen saying "I think I'll make myself a card for my birthday," and then doing exactly that.


Making a spin art machine.


Samantha's learning to crochet. She made Daisy Bear a scarf with a Daisy on one end, and I made Helen a pocketbook with daisies on it while teaching Samantha.


Boston Marathon Jamboree at Roxbury Crossing.


Signs of spring--warm weather, flowers, and ice cream after dinner on the porch.


Get well card for Po-po, Samantha's teacher's mother, who volunteers in their classroom daily, with a Chinese-style papercut taped inside (and Samantha's class number, 14, written on it, because Po-po doesn't read English or Arabic numbers).


Wearing an almost four year old.


Robert holding an alligator during a business trip in Florida.


Grand opening of the new Mass Art museum, with fantastic exhibits and art-making activities.



Vanessa's birthday party, with lots of BUCCI friends.


Black History Month drum circle in orchestra.


Bruno's birthday party at the Fire House Museum, with all the kids on our block six and under.


Weekend fun with Jason and baby. We also saw some of the Boston Massacre re-enactments during the day.


Robert's adult orchestra ensemble at school.


Marcus's Dungeons and Dragons night.


Helen's last day at the Children's Center, ever, playing with Owen at the science table and Zane at the baby-washing station:


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