January and February 2020

Super busy, but very fun, last month and a half. Samantha finished up her semester of swimming in school and has gotten much better. Helen can writer her name and is working on not substituting /f/ sounds for every initial consonant cluster (play, pretend, tricky, great, swing, string, quiet, etc.). Marcus just got a cellphone and is getting more and more independent. Samantha continues to be a creator, working hard nearly every day on one art project or another that she conceptualizes and sees through to a finish. Helen is getting very introspective: she looked up from drawing one day and said, "You know, when I was a tiny baby, I didn't know how to think in my head, like in words. but now I do--now I can think all sorts of things in my head!” And somehow, everyone is taller--much taller. (Funny how that happens...) At any rate, here we are with a few pictures. . .


Robert's 47th birthday (yes, he actually wanted 48 candles on his cake):


Helen having fun at school:


Ice skating (Samantha takes lessons on Saturdays, and is getting quite good--learning to go backwards, etc.--and the whole school went ice skating for an outing one day):


Kindergarten registration day! Whoa!


Family puzzle:


New Zealand lolly cakes for church coffee hour:


Samantha's orchestra in the BPS MLK Jr. celebration again:


Kid cosplay at Arisia:


Quilting class:


Sister homework time:


Basketball class on Saturdays, with school friend Vanessa:


Fun with friends--Roslindale art studio and playground day:


Pop-pop's 82nd birthday:


Chinese New Year (Happy Year of the Rat! Helen was terrified of the lions):


Samantha practiced at home singing “Gongxi” before the school performance with Ms. Gee's class: 


Super chill Superbowl party, with friends from multiple generations:


Samantha's Valentine gift bags for her classmates:


School trips--Samantha to the Museum of Science, Marcus to Sonos to learn about speakers:


Violin lessons, and DIY violins:


Helen dances at home:

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