A Too-Short Day in Provincetown

We made our almost annual pilgrimage by ferry to Provincetown this year with Sarah and Sean and Evie, but this year we only stayed for the day. Definitely too short a trip!

We had snacks on the boat down, and a nice view, and then got malasadas and donuts to start off the morning.

We walked around town, finding small details old and new that we adored.

In the afternoon we went to a sea mammal protectin center and saw a whale skeleton (named Spinnaker), and then went to the movie theatre and saw a free short movie about her and her sad life and death of entanglements in fishing gear. Babies, toddlers, and big kids all took turns in the carriers as we walked around.

We spent some time at the beach, though not actually swimming. We had lunch in the foodcourt, seafood and pizza and lamb burgers, and dinner of fish tacos and roasted brussels and other delights to-go, eaten in the line for the ferry home.

For a break we played some chess on the side of the beach.

Despite bus replacement on the Orange Line, we made it home sandy and happy.



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