A Visit From Our Cousins, Jocie and Dan

Jocie and Dan came to Boston from Minnesota for Memorial Day weekend this year, and we were thrilled to be their hosts and tour guides. Helen still, over a week later, gets a sad look on her face and moans, "Oh....WHERE is Jocie? Will we EVER see her again?" in disappointment. Between breakfasts home and babywearing lessons and all sorts of outings, we had a great time.

On Friday while the big kids were in school we went to dim sum, a Chinatown playground, bubble tea, a tour of Fenway Park, and the playground close to our house.

In the evening we grilled and walked to J.P. Lick's for ice cream and stopped by the comic book store to peek in on Marcus playing Magic.

On Saturday, we walked past the Old State House, an active movie set (don't ask...), James Hook's lobsters, and the harbor. Then we all went to the ICA for their family playdate and art-making opportunities, ate sushi burritos and awesome Japanese fish ice cream cones in the seaport, stopped by the Boston Fire Museum, and walked back downtown.

Samantha had a baseball game that evening that we watched, and then we went to Shakin' Seafood in Roslindale for dinner, and joined in on the 30th birthday party of a woman at the table next to us.

On Sunday we walked through the Boston Common after brunch at Double Chin and admired Marcus's fish weir, and then walked through the Public Garden to Copley Square and went to Happy Place for lots of fun with confetti, cookies, and ball pits.

We walked over to Newbury Street where half of us ate Thai rolled ice cream and half Italian gelato shaped like flowers, and then we stopped by my parents' house, borrowed their car, and drove to Revere Beach for New England seafood and beachcombing after dark.

Monday morning we relaxed around the house, playing video games, scrubbing out clam shells found on the beach, and walking around the neighborhood. Robert grilled lunch and then Jocie and Dan had to head to the airport.

We all miss them already, and can't wait to see them (and a little baby H.) in Minnesota in August!


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