March 2019


First up, pictures from Helen's third birthday party--bear-themed, of course--at the end of the month.

The left pic (above) someone said could be the cover of Helen's first indie album when she's a cool rocker in the future--Helen and the Bears, perhaps. In the middle pic, you see the bear Samantha made her as a present, and in the right pic you see some cookies that Helen made in the shape of the number "3."

One of the highlights of her party was having Matilda ("Tilda") from school, her adorable blonde BFF, come over. Tilda seemed just as happy to be here as Helen was to have her.

My bigger kids adored the "Big Big Bear" (as Helen named him) just as much as the little girls. Big Big Bear now lives in our laundry room, next to the life-sized cardboard cut-out of R2-D2, and Helen says hello to them whenever she trails me downstairs to do laundry. Big Big Bear did not, in fact, eat any parts of any children.

I made bear cupcakes--of course.

Helen loved her keytar, since Keytar Bear himself (part of the inspiration for the party theme) couldn't make it that day. But we had friends and neighbors, from infants on up, and Grandma and Pop-pop too. Then the next day, Grandpa Richard and Bree came over and we all celebrated again. Below are more bear-themed party foods.


All in all, it was a March, and even before the month was half over, we'd had so many good times already.

Helen has a new favorite song, "The Ice Cream Shop," which may have actually displaced "The Wheels on the Bus" for most-requested in our house.


At a Barnabas Group meeting, we celebrated Sarah's birthday. Samantha made a one-of-a-kind card.

We got more snow this month than we've had all winter, though none of it has been debilitating--just lots of fun for the kids!

Samantha has skated, sledded, and built snowmen in the snow, and both she and Marcus earned money from shoveling--Marcus for clearing the car and front walk of a neighbor who was away during one of the storms, and Samantha for clearing the nearby fire hydrant and sending a picture to a city councilor, who pays kids in $5 J.P. Licks gift cards. Marcus and Robert also went skiing on a day trip--after which Robert managed to lose his boots, resulting in 2-3 dozen emails between various volunteers at the organization they skiied with, and me, and finally this triumphant photo of the guy finding the boots several days later.

Marcus had a great month finishing up his Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts and graduating to Boy Scouts.

Both big kids have had great cello lessons and orchestra concerts this month.


Samantha and Helen and I went to the Boston Marathon Jamboree while Marcus and Robert were skiing; Helen was petrified of the roving mascots, but Samantha adored everything, from shot put and discus to long jump, hurdles, jump rope, and javelin. At the end, they did a 60-meter dash, then an optional 100-meter race (one lap around the college track), then a 200-meter race (two laps), and finally an 800-meter race (four laps). Samantha was one of only about fifteen kids (going up to fourteen-year-olds) who did all the races, one right after the other, and she just kept running steadily and had a smile on her face the entire time. Way to go--that's my "nevertheless, she persisted!" girl!

She had all the mascots autograph her shirt, and then at the end she ran into some friends from school and posed for a picture that I emailed all three of their teachers.


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