Provincetown 2018

My subtitle for this page should be "The Tyranny of Tradition." Let me explain....

You do something once, and it's pretty fun. Everyone has a good time, and thinks it's a great idea. You do it twice, and wow, that's really cool on its own and also how we're starting to make a tradition there. Three times--clear tradition. Gotta keep going. Four--okay, we get it, it's a tradition, it's lots of fun, but maybe we could take a break? Try something different? Obviously not. We heard from Samantha and Marcus for an entire year about our terrible break with tradition by not spending a weekend with friends in Provincetown last year--another beachy New England weekend with the same friends didn't suffice, so, clearly, we're back to tradition this year. Provincetown, we love you!


Things in Provincetown we can do almost as many times as we can breathe:


Things, in Provincetown or anywhere else, tradition be darned, that we probably can live without doing again:


Some photographic evidence of the ups and downs (vomit not pictured) follows.


















All in all, will we be back? I'm fairly sure we will, yes. After all, this year was "Provincetown New and Improved" for us: New this year! Never-before-seen! Custom-frosted donuts! Geocaching! Hammocks! Giant chair! Matching outfits for babies! More babies!


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