Camping 2018

With Sarah's family, Emily's family, and Miriam's family joining us camping again this year, we tried out a new site--on a lake near Purgatory Chasm State Park in Sutton, MA--and brought our total number of campers to eight adults, nine kids, and one infant. Despite rain and mosquitoes, and some misplaced supplies, and the lack of phone service at the campground (uh, gee, that's a long list. . . hm. . . ), it was a success! After all, we had s'mores, kids cooking Saturday breakfast, some hiking on the rock formations, lots of time at the lake in a couple of kayaks, and some happy playing in the mud, plus an escape to a trampoline park nearby, and, of course, good friends.


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Created: 8/20/18. Last Modified: 8/20/18.