July 2018

Summer is in full swing! We've got a full slate of events and activities, from Tuesday nights track for Samantha, Thursday nights at the Loring-Greenough, Friday night Shakespeare plays on the Common (Richard III) or Boston Bike Party, Saturday night movies at the Prudential, and fun camps for the kids (woodworking, circus arts, tennis, and more).

First, two pictures from June--Samantha's last day of school, and a meet-and-greet neighborhood event with the Mayor.

Lots of summer bike rides--to donuts, to 7-11 free slurpees on 7/11, and back and forth from nearly all our activities.

Riding to the Prudential nighttime movies, in particular, is great--we can pick up a pizza on the way (cutest pizza delivery girls ever...), and haul all our blankets and things, without breaking our backs. Kids fall asleep on the ride home, which is pretty much a straight shot across town.

Magician at the library, and circus for both big kids were big hits.

Sleepy snuggles with "Bear," Helen's new-found best friend, plus pavlovas, homemade popsicles, and other treats.

A Friday night nighttime ride around Boston with 200 or so other people, many in costume? Sign us up! (Well, for the first half, at any rate--we peeled off at the Greenway party stop and headed home, while the official ride continued to Charlestown.)

Grandma's birthday with a banana cake and mascarpone frosting:

Home repairs--sanding and repainting the back porch:

Kidsweek and Tweens camp, complete with string art (lots of hammering) and boat rides:

Fun with neighbors on the street in the evenings:

Adams National Historic Site--free with our just-squeaking-in-under-the-wire fourth grader!



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