Disneyworld 2018

For our twentieth anniversary, we spent five days in Disneyworld. We stayed at the Polynesian Village and all had a great time. Helen too!


Transportation fun heading out and back--Helen loved spotting trucks and other vehicles at the airport, and we made efficient use of space and time on the Disney buses and monorails.

Oh hey! Look! The Michaud Ohana stroller? How about that!

Helen and Samantha both loved the flying carpet ride where the camels spit at you.

We had great fun in the hotel pool, and Marcus found a rowdy group of kids to play soccer with when they'd shut the pool for the threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon.

In Epcot the kids colored these bears and then got stamps and designs on them from different countries' pavilions.

Helen was terrified of the roving bands of wild animals, but Samantha loved them.

Mickey ice cream, and Star Wars cupcakes? Yes please!

Helen didn't know what to make of the 3-D on various rides and shows, but Samantha and Marcus loved it.

Some ducks tried to get some of our cookies and cream funnel cake!

We saw a parade of stormtroopers and I yelled out anti-Empire sentiments. Everyone around me stared at me. Apparently I am alone in my resistance.

Helen loved the rides. Sitting like a big kid, on the carousel or next to Robert on the flying carpets? She was ready.

Samantha sentcolored and wrote postcards to her kindergarten teacher and to Evie (baby's first postcard).

Marcus rode Splash Mountain three times in two days and wished he could ride it more.

Samantha did the Jedi Training experience in Hollywood Studios. She didn't back down from Darth Vader this time!


Until next time, Mick-me Mouse (as Helen says)!



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