June 2018

It's almost summer! Today Robert and I have been married twenty years, and on Friday Marcus finishes fourth grade and Samantha finishes kindergarten. How have we been keeping busy?


Baseball--his team is now in the playoffs, and Marcus has improved enough that he is now one of his team's strongest hitters! At left, Marcus as catcher; center, he walked out to the mound to say encouraging things to the pitcher, who was having a tough time that game; right, post-game pep talk with Coach Nando.


Glorina's first birthday:


Art-making day at the MFA:


BBQ with friends old and new:


Girl Scout camping:




Boston Nature Center playdate:


Birthday-sharing friends:


Fun sights around the neighborhood:


Toddler playdate at the MFA:


Sketching on the front steps before school one day:


Crocheting a gift for a friend:


Scooperbowl! (all-you-can-eat ice cream)


School spirit night, with an art show and face-painting by Ms. Garcelon:


Watercolor workshop at the pond:


Boy Scout camping:


Biking and bikeathon--10 miles! Marcus rode all 10 on his own, really helpfully riding in front of us and scouting out the markings ont he road; Samantha rode all but one mile in the middle because she was exhausted from 4 miles of hills (who had any idea West Roxbury had so many hills? I sure didn't), but she got back on her bike after the rest stop and rode all the way home with a great attitude. Helen was just a passenger for the bikeathon, but she's learning to use her little balance bike at home.



Orchestra concert (playing and spectating):





Father's Day weekend with friends--Friday night dinner, Sunday morning brunch, Sunday afternoon zoo:


Kindergarten publishing party:


Track and field (running, and spectating):


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