Winter 2018


It's been a busy but fun winter here! Here are some of the thing that have been keeping us occupied.


Saturday mornings Tween days at the library--engineering club, then computer games with friends:


Learning to smile. . . or not:


Girl Scout prep World Thinking Day (her troop's assigned country was Egypt):


Girl Scout cookie sales, at the mall, at the Stop and shop, and door to door:


Valentine's Day--Samantha made incredibly detailed valentines for her class, complete with pictures of each kid, in their favorite outfits and/or favorite colors, and wrote messages in each one. She also made herself an organized workflow, taking a big piece of cardboard and dividing it into three sections--"done," "needs art," and "still working." Unfotunately, this all took her so long that she averaged one valentine every 1.5 hours, and after 9 hours of work over four days, I strongly suggested she cut some corners, sacrifice quality, and just get the rest done. She also made a Valentine's bag in school to bring home her cards from friends, and a special large valentine for Helen.


Marcus winning the school jump rope record, with 247 jumps (the next highest was 159):


Lunar New Year celebrations--the Year of the Dog--at home, school, and the zoo:


Snow day fun--sledding on the Common on a Sunday afternoon:


Rainy-day family Lego project--Apollo rocket:


School vacation week daycamp in Fitrec, including Samantha's contribution to her group poster, Helen and me at pickup one day, and Samantha's plan for the vacation (complete, she would like to note, with onomatopeia)--she did indeed learn to swim on her own, and almost passed the test to be allowed in the deep end during free swim (she did 3/4 of the laps and then tired):


Baking, both for Marcus's half birthday (half-and-half cupcakes) and from a new Turkish cookbook courtesy of Grandma:


Sibling harmony:

Robert's 45th birthday dinner out, on a bitterly cold night, with stories from the mall story machine, then cupcakes and free treats from Oakleaf Bake Shop:


Getting to know Baby Evie:


Time with Grandma and Pop-pop, including Pop-pop's 80th birthday:


Cub Scout Pinewood Derby (Marcus's car won his pack!):


Cub Scout rock climbing:


Cub Scout first aid badge:


Dinner and Settlers of Catan with Stu and Dean:


Mild days getting out to ride bikes:


Mild day playground visits--with photo-bombing neighbor three-year-old who desperately wanted to play with Marcus and Samantha:


Time with Daddy:


Karate, including Samantha's drawing of her and Noah practicing together (complete with correct belts):


Having friends over for dinner and playtime (Helen's first Twister game--she was very dedicated, and long after everyone else gave up or wandered away, she kept her hands and knees planted):


Dim sum with friends, part 1 (featuring Helen's first lollipop):


Dim sum with friends, part 2 (featuring Baby Evie's dim sum debut):


Marcus's fourth-grade trip to the State House:


Weekend visits to the Museum of Fine Arts, and some creations from their art-making activities. Plus, Samantha adored the Escher exhibit!


Annual check-ups--Marcus is 54" tall and Samantha is 47.5" tall, both right around 50% for height, weight, and BMI (46%-62% depending on the kid and the stat), and pronounced "incredibly medically boring" by the doctor!


Marcus's "Lion King" production rehearsing:




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