September 2017 Events

It's September! Marcus has Ms. Terranova for fourth grade AWC and Samantha has Ms. Garcelon for K2. Both kids like their classes and their orchestras, and we are happily back in the swing of things. Some first-week-of-school pics below, and then other commutes in September as well.

One Saturday the kids did a cooking class at the Boston Public Market on herbs and spices. They made different herbal-flavored popcorns and their own spiced tea bags, and then we stumbled upon a Filipino pop-up breakfast (chocolate rice pudding and salted dried fish--sign us up!) in the market, and had many bowls of it between the four of us.

Robert's softball team made it to the playoffs, but then lost tragically in a double-comeback game (first ours. . . then theirs).

Robert and Samantha won first prize in the Verrill Farm corn-shucking contest.

We went apple picking with friends, and also picked peaches and Asian pears on the same day.

Friday night kids' fellowship kicked off again, with bouncy houses and a marshmallow-and-toothpick design challenge that our uber-competitive family won (tallest structure, baby--working against the forces of gravity, humidity, and por quality control in a pack of cheap toothpicks).

Samantha started another season of low-key community soccer. She is great at stopping the ball, not quite so good at dribbling. Helen watches.

We've kept doing as much biking as we can, usually on weekends, though I go out at least one afternoon a week with just Helen, and have stopped at playgrounds and ridden to my parents' house, among other destinations.


We spent a weekend at the Big E in Springfield--two days of food and fun!

Below left is what happens when Sarah (cheese curds), Sean (cheesey tots), and I (cheese fries) all separately go grab something, without consutling each other first, and then meet back at a central location. We got a bucket of donuts, and Samantha ate most of a deep-fried whoopie pie, but no, we did not eat those fascinating looking fritter things pictured below right--I'm not quite sure why, as I'm intrigued. Next year!

This is almost certainly the last year those long-legged kids are riding in the wagon!


Kisses and hugs until next month!



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