June Events, 2017

The kids have just six full days and two half days left of school--orchestra is over for the year, and so is their afterschool. Samantha has one more field trip left, but mostly it's just hanging out, fun, movies, and games for now. At least their school is air-conditioned! We've had so much fun as the weather warms up and summer really arrives. Meanwhile, Helen can walk all over, say "this" and "that," sign "eat," "more," "all done," and "down," and say "hi" and "bye." If you tell her it's clean-up time, she starts putting things away and applauds herself after each item is in the box or bin. She picks up the kids' dirty laundry from the floor and puts it in the hamper, again applauding herself after each sock or shirt. To complete the puppy stage, if we say the words "go" or "out" or "walk" around her, she'll walk over and get her shoes and bring them to us to put on her, saying "Oosh? oosh?" and then prompt us for her hat, tapping her head and saying "At? At?" Then she walks to the front door and waits not-so-patiently. We are all loving watching her grow!


Playground--early arrival at school one day:

Sisters, reading, playing:

JP Library grand re-opening:

Soccer (Samantha), and baseball (Marcus):

Final Cherub Choir performance:

Sunday School end-of-year dinner:

Crab salad rolls, picnic on the Greenway, and aquarium trip:

Outdoor playtime:

Garden, which is growing well:


Visiting friends from Oregon:

A visit from Mona!!

Happy family time:

Roslindale renovated playground and whiffleball afternoon:

Playing with Baby "Ish":

Hanging outside the library one day:

Milestones: Samantha lost her first tooth, and Helen had her last day at daycare until September.


Drama club play: "Campfire Tales from Around the World." Samantha played a girl in a Mexican folktale. I think she and the other little girl drowned and then their mother started haunting people. I think. "Don't worry, mommy--it all works out in the end," she told me. Um, okay. Their teacher announced that they had all written the play together, so the next day I asked Samantha how they'd done it. "Ah," she said, "That is a looooong story."

Orchestra final concert: Everyone together, all 200 of them from ages 5-11, played "Angeline the Baker," and then each ensemble performed separately too. Samantha's orchestra teachers said they thought it was a success as no one in the kindergarten group dropped their instrument on stage.


Father's Day BBQ with family, then bike ride, and popsicles:


Iggy's in Rhode Island for lunch, then PawSox baseball with friends:


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