Kennebunk Beach, Maine

We spent a weekend in Kennebunk Beach, Maine with Sarah and Sean and other friends early in June. It ended up being beautiful weather for the weekend--high 70s and sunny on Saturday, and 80s and sunny on Sunday--but as Robert pointed out, we didn't know that when we booked the place, and we could have been shivering all weekend long. As it turned out, though, it was lovely: we stayed at the Seaside Inn, where Robert managed to offend the owner and imply that we didn't like her homemade muffins; we ate wonderful dinners of clam cakes, cod cakes, seafood chowder, lobster stew, lobster pie, and more; we went out on the Rugosa for a lobster tour on Saturday morning; and we enjoyed the beach with all four big kids happily playing in the sand and tide pools both days.


Watching the train come into Wells Station:

Writing in his journal:

Enjoying the hotel lawns:

Walking down to the hotel beach:

Playing on the beach:

Learning all about lobster mating dances from the "lobster professor" on our boat:

Bath, and bed:

Tidepools, and pre-dinner whiffleball:

Reading while waiting for a table:

Getting ice cream:

Eating Sunday breakfast outside:

Waiting for Sunday lunch:

Sunday afternooon mini-golf:


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