More Spring, 2017

Somehow it's already the middle of May--my school is over for the summer, though I'm still working three days a week until the end of the month, on planning and papers, and the kids' school is winding down, though they go until the end of June. We've had a lovely last month, with visits from our California cousins, lots of sports and playground time in the nice weather, and some fun celebrations.

Helen is walking all over the place, and even picking up speed and starting to funny-run. She got her first baby bike helmet (Marcus is trying on my helmet--which is still too big for him) and she likes hats in general. She can say "this" and "that," "yes" and "no" (plus a cute little head-shake), "mama," "dada," "Dadas [Marcus]" and "Mantha [Samantha]."

While Robert was on a business trip in England, and Sal, Sue, Jenna, Maria, Annie, Jeff, Alex, and Winnie were all here visiting for a long weekend, we sampled the unicorn Starbuck drink. We had to go to two stores because the first one was all out, though it was only the second day they were available. My children consoled themselves with a banana (a special treat) at the first Starbucks.

That Saturday afternoon was the Holi celebration on my campus, but it was drizzly and pretty bitterly cold, and the California crew and Marcus didn't want to join in. Helen slept through the entire thing. I saw two of my students, and Samantha had a blast despite the chilly weather.

We ate at Al Wadi one night with the cousins and Sweet Cheeks the next, and then on Sunday everyone came over to our house, along with Sarah and Sean, and we ate and visited. We were sad to see the cousins go back home!

Samantha continues to create art in school and out--below is something inspired by Van Gogh (subject matter and trying to use the pastels to look like the brush strokes in "Starry Night," I think) and then her self portrait, first a photograph, then a sketch, then a painting (they worked hard on blending the right skin colors, she said).

This was in the middle of April--Helen's first time really walking around outside. She loved it! Marcus gave her this dandelion and she was pretty pleased with herself, walking around and waving it everywhere.

Then she found a little stone and Samantha showed her how she could rest it on the grate in the splash park (it was pretty warm, but the water doesn't go on until school ends)--or on her head, either way.

We went to a family concert/magic show at Symphony Hall with Richard and Bree, "E.T" with the Boston Pops and Sean, and the MFA for their "Make Way for Ducklings" storyhour and craft day.

We kept busy over school vacation week, and then we celebrated Aunt Mary's birthday (92!) at the end of April.

Though it got cooler again as May rolled around, we bundled up and kept on enjoying the sunshine.

With the big kids' help, Robert built a raised bed in front of our house for tomatoes...

...and we got the backyard set up and ready for summer too.

Samantha started JP Soccer--her team is the Green Dinosaurs (they were all supposed to be roaring in that middle picture) and loves it.

On Mother's Day, she potted a little plant for me in Sunday School, with Miss Sonya and Miss Laura, and then we went out to Saloniki for their zucchini fritter sandwich and a really delicious cucumber lemonade (Marcus was not a fan).

Marcus is back on the Mariners in the South End Baseball League. They had their opening day parade a week late due to rain, after he'd already played his first game.

Samantha and Helen read magazines on the side of the field for part of the time during Marcus's game, and Samantha played catch with another little sibling of a Mariner for the rest of the time.

We're looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer ahead!


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