Halloween 2016

Harry Potter-themed costumes this year were a big hit, and got us a lot of mileage: book release party in the summer, Halloween, and then, hello Universal Studios/Harry Potter World (still to come, just before Christmas). We were, in descending size order, Hagrid, Professor McGonagall, Harry, Hermione, and Hedwig.

Two weeks before Halloween, Sarah, Sean, and Roman came over to make lanterns for the Spontaneous Celebrations lantern festival at Jamaica Pond.

The next week, though, the festival was rained out, so Sarah and Sean and Meg, Emil, and Roman came over for dinner anyway and we made a Halloween gingerbread house instead of walking around the pond. The lanterns will keep for next year, at least.

The Saturday before Halloween we went trick-or-treating at the zoo and also got to enjoy their brand-new children's zoo area and some excellent free face painting.

The next day we went to the Pru Boo, trick-or-treating at the mall, complete with giant penguins visiting from the aquarium. We also had a nice lunch at Wagamama and ran into a friend from Samantha's preschool there with his family.

The kids supervised the carving of a pumpkin each on the night before Halloween. Samantha's has "many many eyes!" she said. Helen was not yet interested enough to insist on carving hers.

On Halloween proper we did Centre Street businesses (though we were a bit on the late side for them, and next year will try to be there by 5:00) and then Dunster Street. Whoa--a comedian (not a very funny one, but still), a brass band, a man in a color-changing LED light-up suit, a haunted graveyard, a haunted teepee (sigh), no cars, strobe lights and disco-dancing zombies. It was a pretty wild evening.

Finally, the day after Halloween I went to Boing and got the kids Lego sets as part of a candy buy-back program.


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