Summer 2016, Part 2

September already? What a great summer it's been! Marcus did two weeks of half-day Tenacity, and both kids went to Kidsweek (also a half day), but otherwise I was home with all three and we kept ourselves busy. Some highlights follow.

Museum of Science, including their great new Charles River waterways exhibit:

Lots of playground and outdoors time:

A visit from Debbie, including a carnival at the Lawn on D, dinner in Chinatown, all-you-can-eat sushi, a random DAR event in Copley Square, a visit to the new BPL on opening weekend, and cheesecake:

Concerts in Titus Sparrow, and outdoor movies, with Bob and others, to see "The Wizard of Oz" or "Inside Out" or "Zootopia":

Robert's softball games and burrito lunches with some teammates:

Midnight Harry Potter "Book 8" release party at the Pru Barnes and Noble--we were sorted into Houses, then made wands, played Harry Potter pictionary, and won costume prizes for the three kids:

Summer birthday celebrations (notice my birthday card from Samantha, complete with a picture of Sean roasting marshmallows while camping):

Soon school will start back up, but we've had a lovely couple months together. Helen has found her feet and can sit up (though she's wobbly) by herself now, and weighs 13 lbs, 9 oz at her four month checkup. Samantha is still writing and drawing as much as ever, crafting and cutting and pasting, and also is learning to read simple words and books. Marcus has been plowing through the Percy Jackson books and others this summer--he is now eight, smart and strong and gentle and brave. Happy end of summer!


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