Camping in Maine

After two years of camping a single night each year in Miriam's backyard in Roslindale (2012, 2013) and two years in Wompatuck State Park just forty-five minutes south of Boston for two nights each summer (2014, 2015), we decided to move bigger and better: three nights away on Sebago Lake State Park Campground in Maine. Once again we got three adjoining campsites close to a water spigot and near to the bathrooms. This was a "fancy" campground, according to Sarah--they have a dishwashing station with sinks, and a big playground, and a nature center with park rangers who gave the kids activity books on Friday and lovely junior ranger patches on Sunday, as well as hiking trails and a beach. There's not much more to say, really--we came, we saw, we camped. There were a lot of fires, a lot of mosquitos, a lot of dirt, some fishing (no fish, though), some hiking, and some playing with the locks at the top of the lake. Sarah brought the camping tee shirts and Sean brought camping, hiking, and fishing badges the kids could earn. We ventured off-site for Saturday lunch at Bob's Seafood (mmmm, have the clam cakes and the native Maine shrimp) and then mini golf and go-karts across the road, then a jaunt into Walmart (mostly for their air conditioning) and a joint birthday party for Garrison (seven last month) and Marcus (eight in two weeks) at Smitty's Cinema, where we had pizza and whoopie pies and popcorn and comfy seats to watch "The Secret Life of Pets." On Sunday, we went to The Dugout for ice cream and then the Blue Rooster in Portland for lunch of gussied-up tater tots and brussel sprouts Caesar and hot dogs and pulled pork sandwiches. It was a win--all except for the car ride, since Helen still does not appreciate cars. She would clearly have preferred to camp on our roof, but otherwise, all was well. Until next year, campers!


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