Provincetown 2016

Another year, another trip to Provincetown with Sarah and Sean! We stayed at the Harbor Hotel (rooms 106, a big suite, and 102, a king room, with 104, two doubles, sadly occupied by strangers in between us). We had so much fun all weekend long--here are some highlights of the trip.

Digging and relaxing at the little beach in front of the hotel.

Enjoying the sand and views (two happy seals, frolicking off the shore) at Race Point Beach (note to selves: AT&T has no service at the beach, and the bus driver doesn't necessarily stop here all the time, so have a plan for how to get back!).

Visiting the Life Saving Station, run by the National Parks, and learning about the cannon they'd use to send a rescue line to ships foundering off the coast. Samantha loved the giant pants that sailors would get to wear in order to zipline away from a sinking ship. We're tempted to come back on a Thursday in July or August in order to watch the Parks Service workers demo all the equipment!

Flying a kite in the parking lot (not on the beach, because of those piping plovers) while we waited for the bus.

Visiting the Highland Lighthouse in Truro, at the end of the bus line in the other direction.

Enjoying the view.

Hanging out in the hotel, both in our room and on the lovely porch.

Whale watching! We went with the Dolphin fleet on Friday, and the naturalist on board said she was unable to log all the activity because there were just so many whales, exhibiting so many characteristic behaviors, on all sides of the boat.

This one whale waved goodbye to us, repeatedly slapping the water.

Hanging out on the pier and in town (Happy Camper ice cream and comfy chairs).

Italian ice and walks up and down Commercial Street.

A vintage Ms. Pac-Man machine, and fun hats.

Dogs. This was a stuffed one, but Samantha would like it known that she's no longer scared of any dogs, even live ones.

All in all, we had a great trip, and we were glad we stayed for three days this year instead of just for two. Lobster rolls, Pop and Dutch breakfast sandwiches with pimiento cheese, and the friendly Turkish and Bulgarian guys at the hotel front desk made up for a mediocre fish fry on Friday night and the charmless Russian waitress who served it to us. We laughed a lot, and even (mostly) avoided sunburns, and we will be back for sure.


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