May 2016 (Helen is two months old!)


Helen is two months old and weighs 10lbs, 11oz, exactly four pounds above her birth weight. It's been a beautiful month of May, with lots of great weather and fun events with friends and family. Here are some pictures from the month.


At Aunt Mary's 91st birthday lunch:


At a family art day at the MFA, followed by wings and a newborn photo shoot:


All around the town:


At a mom-and-baby class for second- and third-time moms in the South End:


At Marcus's baseball games (the Mariners with Coach Nando, in the South End Baseball League):


At the zoo on one of the first hot days of May:


At a kids' clinic and Pawsox game at McCoy Stadium in Rhode Island:


At Sophia and Emma's birthday party in Skyline Park:


At rest:


And finally, beautiful professional photos thanks to Emily Photography (click for higher-res versions.)


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