Christmas Week in Colorado: Robert and Marcus

Robert and Marcus took a boys' trip to Steamboat Springs for five days, while Samantha and I went to Disney. They flew United to Colorado, where Robert's mother and step-father have a house, and joined Aunt Jennifer and cousins John, Emi, and Lauren. They skiied daily, and, despite the cold weather, had a fantastic time with the snow and the cousins. Marcus seemed to really like eating lunches in ski school, getting to ski blue runs (and one black), and using the handwarmers in his new mittens. Picture highlights follow!

Getting ready to leave for the airport (showing off our backpacks) and reading Harry Potter while waiting for a plane:

Robert skiing with Emi and Lauren:

Before, during, and after skiing:


Cousin fun:

Marcus's final day of ski school report card, and waiting for a plane heading home:


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