December Events 2015

December has been mild, beautiful, and full of fun events! Here are some of our adventures.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we went to the Quincy Christmas Parade. The kids loved it, and then we had all-you-can-eat hot pot with Raj in Quincy afterward.

Samantha now has two orange stripes on her belt. She is a great listener in karate, and does an excellent cat stance. Meanwhile, Marcus is learning more complicated karate maneuvers.


We saw a play (Gregory Maguire's "Matchless," live action plus puppets made from found/junked items--very creatively done) in Central Square the Saturday after Thanksgiving, with Grandma and Poppop, and then went to Allston for Taiwanese comfort food and special "snow" sundaes (beautifully fluffy chocolate-flavored shaved ice).

We had some friends over for a weekend playdate and late lunch one Sunday. The kids loved their ravioli "cupcakes" and we also managed to squeeze in a viewing of "Star Wars: A New Hope."

Marcus gets to adore our friends' baby, David, nearly every week at church; both kids love their adventures at Friday Night Kids; and it's been so mild that we've been able to hit the playground on the Common (and watch the skaters and Zambonis) on our way to lunch after church as well.

While I was at a wrappers' Christmas party up in Essex, Robert took the kids to a Swedish Christmas festival in the South End.

We celebrated Samantha's fourth birthday with a table for 11 (Richard and Brigida, Sarah and Sean, Grandma, Poppop, and Aunt Mary, plus us) at the Cafe Fleuri chocolate buffet the Saturday before her birthday. She loved it!

For the second part of Samantha's birthday, I made a Winnie-the-Pooh cake, and we had it at dinner with some of her favorite foods (Korean duk, rice cakes, stir-fried with nori).

Marcus has been loving his after-school sports club in the school gym. This semester they're working on floor hockey. He also did great in his orchestra concert.




His spelling/vocabulary words have been lots of fun. Here are the words from November. He also brought home a "What are you thankful for?" Thanksgiving craft, and his list was a hoot: Mommy, Daddy, Samantha ("because I love her"), Helen (he drew a picture of a fetus!), sushi ("because it tastes very good"), water ("because you need it to live"), books, and babies ("because they are cute").

Marcus is currently reading the Harry Potter books--he's about a third of the way through Book 4--and we've been watching the movies together as a family after he finishes each book.

As Christmas approached, we set up our tree and built a gingerbread house together.

The weekend before Christmas, we celebrated early several times over, first decorating Pop-pop and Grandma's tree, then having more all-you-can-eat hot pot (this time in Chinatown) with friends from church (Marcus and Juan Carlos, 7 and 9, had their own section of the hot pot and ate who knows how many shrimp and dumplings!), and having dinner and a present exchange with Sarah and Sean (witness the cool roller coaster set Marcus spent the rest of the week tinkering with).

We spent Christmas Eve bike riding around the city, enjoying the almost 70-degree temperatures, and Christmas Day split between Grandpa and Bri's house and Grandma, Pop-pop, and Aunt Mary's apartment. It's been a lovely December, and it's not even over quite yet!


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