November Events 2015

Somehow, November absolutely flew by! Here are just a few picture highlights of the month.


At Clarinda's birthday party, and then at Ren's, Samantha loved taking advantage of other people's backyard swings.


At home, cuddles, of course, abounded.


We had a potluck Barnabas Group meeting at my parents' house, with Sarah's stuffed pumpkin, Grandma's baked ziti, some pumpkin-pecan cake pops, and seventeen people. Delicious food, and great turn-out too!

After the potluck, we unearthed my childhood dollhouse from my parents' storage room, and after a few minor repairs (it's 36 years old, after all, with who knows how many (hundreds of?) hours of playtime logged on it already), it's ensconced in our dining room bringing joy to everyone. Except possibly Robert, whose head spins at the thought of the effort my father and I put in, years ago, making some of the tiny replica Chippendale-style furniture from balsa wood.


Both kids are having a ball in school. Marcus has been spelling organelle, cytoplasm, and other fun science words for his weekly spelling/vocabulary homeworks, and he continues to be a forceful presence in the daily recess kickball game. Samantha loves Grasshopper Group at the center; below, she leads Jackie and Cece in putting balls under their shirts to pretend they have babies in their bellies (hm....) and she also jumps gleefully over the obstacle course they set up in the big gym. Below right, Marcus listens as his teacher explains something in orchestra, during an open rehearsal they invited parents to attend.


On Thanksgiving, we went to Grandma and Pop-pop's house, with Aunt Mary (of course), and Grandpa and Bree joined us there for a nice meal.


On the Friday after Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) we went to MIT with Debbie and Chris to participate in a giant chain reaction Rube Goldberg machine.


November also had a couple big deja vu moments. . .

First, at Ren's surprise birthday party, she let me borrow her babe no. 3 to sling for a bit. Made me think back to 2012, when we were both slinging our no. 2 on Memorial Day weekend, and then back to 2009, when we were both wrapping our no. 1!

Another day, Samantha was calmly sitting at a bus stop with me waiting for a bus, and it suddenly struck me that I'd seen a child wearing that jacket and those pants sitting on a bus stop bench before. . . hm! I went looking for the older picture, and there was Marcus, in 2011. Different bus stop, different shoes, different kid!


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