The Big E 2015

Three carloads of friends set forth from Boston on Saturday morning, September 19th, bound for the Regency Springfield across the street from the Big E. We checked into the hotel and parked our cars in their lot, used their bathroom, and then strolled right through the gates before ten o'clock in the morning. We spent the whole day at the fair, leaving just before nine at night, and spent a peaceful night. The next morning we checked out of the hotel but were allowed to leave our cars in their lot until three, so we went back to the fair until it was time to head back to Boston Sunday afternoon. What a fantastic weekend! We're ready to lock in dates for next year.

The rented wagon made crossing the park a lot easier. I calculated that we walked over five miles each day, which is a lot of back and forth on smaller legs. Thankfully, the wagon steers shockingly easily.

Slushfactory DIY slushes, late-night ice cream, maple cotton candy, corn dogs, whoopee pies, baked stuffed potatoes, cheese fries, tater tots topped with scrambled eggs and southwestern toppings, fries topped with pulled pork and coleslaw and hot sauce, lemonade, root beer, birch beer. . . you name it, we ate it.

The creepy inflated Army guy garnered almost as big a smile as the Lego stormtrooper in the Connecticut state house? Whatever.

Cheesecurds. We ate many of them. Samantha decided they're her favorite thing ever and ate a plate for lunch each day. Who needs a hot dog when you have deep-fried cheese?

She did diversify a bit with some Kettle corn. . .

The kids all loved the midway. I'm not sure how many times they rode the swings, and the carousel, caterpillar, spider, and tugboat rides were also big hits.

Don't forget the giant slide!

File this one under "everyone else's little sister is better than your own"--Garrison and Samantha went on several rides absolutely happily together.

An evening ferris wheel ride with eight people in a gondola capped off Saturday night.

Farmarama was tons of fun both days--a dog show where you could pet the dogs, a corn "sandbox" in an old tractor tire, a "be a farmer for a day" activity where you got to dig up potatoes and then "win" a ribbon--they spent hours there.

Of course, the singing and dancing vegetables (not pictured: the singing and dancing milk in the Mallory building) and the petting/feeding goats were also big hits.

Samantha and Garrison liked the Paw Patrol area.

Everyone slept well Saturday night, and then got to have a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning.

Since only three children fit happily in the wagon for any length of time longer than five minutes, one kid was usually up for most of our longer walks.

And finally, one of Sunday's greatest hits was a chatty, funny guy talking through a sheep-shearing demonstration.


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