Summer's End

It's September, and everyone is back in school. Here's a bit about what we've been up to the past few weeks.


An end-of-the-summer zoo trip:

At the end of a long day eating ice cream and climbing trees at the zoo, we celebrated Marcus's birthday once more, this time with Grandpa and Brigida and their pool.


"Family Camp" in Maine with lots of friends:

The kids had a fantastic time here. There was a giant slip and slide, kayaking, water slides into the lake, a rock climbing wall, speed boat tubing, nightly campfire sing-alongs and s'mores and flashlight tag in the woods, plus lots of time for crafts/Rainbow Loom and frog-catching. Oh, and baseball--ages 3-45 represented. Samantha was very serious with her batting helmet and gloves.


Copley Square/Prudential Fun:


Labor Day BBQ:


Samantha's first day back at school:

She was filled with joy, having talked about her teachers and friends literally every day this summer. Her new group is the Grasshoppers, led by Katrina, with Lucia N., Gio, Cece and Jackie, and Sophie.


Marcus's first day of school:

He's starting second grade in Room 200 with Mrs. Yi. We're looking forward to a wonderful year!


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