NY Weekend for Marcus's 7th Birthday

The day before Marcus's seventh birthday, we flew to New York and checked into the Parc Hotel in Main Street, Flushing. We had all-you-can-eat sushi for dinner at River Japanese food, underneath the pet store right on Main Street. Samantha was free, yet ate about 16 pieces of kani sashimi plus some udon. Marcus was half price and ate 8 pieces of salmon and tuna nigiri, a salmon maki, a tuna maki, and some miso soup. We had boba drinks and called it a night.

On Saturday, his birthday, we had breakfast in the hotel (bao and congee, mostly) and then grabbed a $1 milk tea, coconut bun, and sticky rice roll on our way to the subway. We took the 7 to the 4 and headed to Bowling Green for the Statue of Liberty.

Samantha was too little to climb the stairs, but Marcus climbed up twice, once with Robert and then once with me, despite National Park Ranger Zebulon ______ who tried to explain that if he let one person climb up more than once a day, then everyone would want to. I highly doubted that everyone who had just climbed up and down wanted to go right back up, and logic--or pity--eventually won National Park Ranger Tony _____ over to our side.

On Ellis Island we had lunch, and then the kids did some Junior Ranger activities before we located my grandfather's name on the wall. Unfortunately none of the actual artifacts are at Ellis Island, because they're still upgrading their HVAC systems after Hurricane Sandy, but I'm still glad we went.

Back in Battery Park, we rode on the under-the-sea carousel on its third day of operations. We could tell: it was broken for forty-five minutes in the morning as we'd waited.

Dinner was in Woodside, avocado shakes and Filipino bbq at Ihawan with Robert's friend Stu. Marcus explained all sorts of interesting facts about tigers and avalanches. Stu looked sort of stunned.

On Sunday we had $2 pan-fried bao, $1 boba milk tea, $1 Peking duck pancakes, and fancy expensive $1.25 dan tot in different flavors before hopping on the subway, this time heading to Brooklyn for the NYC Transit Museum in an old subway station. We loved the wooden trains, the displays of turnstiles over the years, and the make-your-own book activity.

We walked down Atlantic to Pier 6 and spent a couple hours in the different playgrounds there.

At 5:00 we met Cori for dinner at Pok Pok NY just a few blocks away. I adored the spicy wings, and Samantha ate more than half an order of the non-spicy ones.

We flew back home on Sunday night, with one and a half sleeping kids, after a lovely two-day trip.


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