Late Spring in Boston

We are loving the glorious weather here! Birthday parties, lots of playground time, and a more relaxed pace at work for me mean we are all really enjoying our weekends to the fullest.

We went to the season opening of the Lawn on D, near the Convention Center, where there were giant curvy glowing swings, bocce, Alastair Moock performing some of Samantha's favorite songs, and guys teaching Marcus to use the diabolo, or Chinese yo-yo. He worked at it for two hours straight, and was getting to be pretty good by the time we had to leave.

I pose with my Mother's Day necklace from Marcus, who's still thrilled whenever he can ride his bike to school.

Samantha poses with lilacs in the Southwest corridor near Titus Sparrow, and lets her bear experience her first taste of a slide.

Marcus lost his first tooth, a front bottom one when the big tooth came in behind it shark's tooth-style. He lost it at school during lunch, "in some ham I think. Or maybe turkey. No, it was ham," and the school nurse gave him a tooth-shaped necklace to carry the tooth home in. He was beaming with pride.

On the night of the last Park Street Kids' Night until September, Marcus and Samantha sampled the b.good kids' menu for the first time, with some free coupons for providing feedback, and Robert and I went out for Korean fusion food at Koy.

The kids had their first day of t-ball in the South End Baseball rookie league over at Rotch Field.

We also finished planting our garden, adding eighteen lovely heirloom tomato plants, and we've been enjoying a few warm evenings grilling and eating up on our deck.

It was the Scooperbowl again! We went with Sarah, Meg and baby Roman, and Bob, and we ran into Penny and Wesley and their parents, plus Esther and Katrina from "Baby School." Marcus had three cups of ice cream plus a freezepop, and Samantha had eight, plus an ice cream cone. For "dessert" we walked to the bbq truck in Chinatown, and Marcus had two lamb skewers and Samantha had three.

Samantha and Robert had a great Saturday having a Puerto Rican lunch, scootering in the South End, and crashing another child's playground birthday party but making new friends.


Finally, the pictures below are by Emily B. Wilson of Emily Photography.


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