April 2015

It's the end of April and Boston is enjoying some warm weather. We've played outside, gone coatless, and taken advantage of some fun events around the city.

On Saturday of Patriot's Day weekend, we went out to Drumlin Farm for a STEM in nature day, looking at plants under microscopes, learning all about compost, examining amphibian eggs, building structures with found natural materials, and of course also admiring the baby goats and sheep.

On Sunday, we went to the Kemp playground in Harvard Square and then to an open house/family event at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics, where Marcus got to make a star chart, figure out how high he could jump on the moon, and learn about the astronomer Robert Marcus and his discoveries.


On Monday, I took the kids to our usual spot on Comm near Hereford to watch the marathon. We got there before 10:00 and set ourselves up to watch the wheelchair and handcycle races. It was damp, having rained earlier, but the air was dry now, and I spread out a plastic garbage bag for us to sit on. The kids wore rain jackets and rain pants over their clothes and sweatshirts, and we hung up the "Boston Loves You!" sign they'd colored at home (Marcus, impressed: "Mommy, you know how to make BUBBLE letters? Wow!").

We read books until the racers came by, and then we cheered and used noisemakers and bells. When Samantha got too cold she went back up in my (marathon-themed) wrap. When we all got too cold, we walked over to Sweet on Mass Ave for a (marathon-themed) cupcake, and then we hopped on the 1 bus to the H-Mart in Central Square for ramen and sake donburi for lunch. By the time it started raining steadily again, we were on the bus heading back home, at the end of a great three-day weekend.


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