Early Spring 2015

All of Boston thought winter would never end, this year, but of course all of a sudden it did. We got hit hard with a few back-to-back colds, and both kids had a (rare--first this year) sick day from school, complete with a lot of rest, books, and movies ("Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" was a big hit). Meanwhile, Samantha loves her school, from the bike area to art to cooking, and can write her name, even in a line, while Marcus is on fourth grade spelling words in school.

We've kept busy with all sorts of things--the Museum of Science, art projects, and lots of other outings and errands.

One highlight of March was the Indian festival of Holi, when we went to a party at Chinese Mirch in Framingham. First they had a delicious buffet in the heated tent they'd set up in their parking lot, and then they cleared off the buffet and started using the colors--both Samantha and Marcus had a fabulous time. We shed pink color for days, despite numerous baths.


Suddenly, all the snow is gone, and we're wearing lighter jackets. What a change in just a few weeks!

We opened up our deck last weekend, so Robert has grilled a few times, and the kids have been up there playing with chalk and bubbles and sand when it's not too windy.

We went to the beautiful new Children's Room in the Copley library, and both kids loved the table-sized touch-screen computer and the lovely play area. I've also become obsessed with Amsterdam Falafel, which opened a block away from my office in early March. People at work come to me for advice on topping their falafel now--I'm that famous in my love for the place. Great falafel, and fabulous self-serve toppings bar, so what's not to love?

We celebrated Easter at my parents' house, with all local grandparents.

The following week, we celebrated Greek Easter with a few friends at our place. Even though my eggs were more pink than red, the bread and lamb and grape leaves, etc. all turned out well, and we had a great time.

Marcus's section (cello) rehearsed together one morning, and then the whole orchestra played "We Will Rock You" in their Spring Concert.



Now it's on to the marathon, school vacation week, and the end of the semester for me--as well as even warmer weather ahead. We are ready!


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