November 2014

Early in November we spent a Saturday at the Museum of Fine Arts for another of their family art days.

We toured a really neat gallery with some hanging cloth sculptures and then made multimedia (cloth and paper) creations. Samantha and I watched Super Cool Beans, an interactive music and dance performance for kids, too.

Everyone loved the landscape painting on canvas activity in one of the classrooms and also a geometric tape art activity, inspired by a large-scale painting in one of the modern galleries.

On a school holiday we met Marissa, Alex, and Charlotte and went to the Children's Museum with them--perhaps for the last time, as in January they are moving to England because of Jon's job. We enjoyed the warm day and sunshine, eating Chinese hand-drawn noodles for lunch outside in a plaza near Downtown Crossing.

On Black Friday, with a dusting of snow on the ground, we went to a Mary Poppins singalong at an Arlington movie theatre, then an Indian buffet for lunch, then the Lego art display at Quincy Market and Belgian street food for supper. We ended the day with some family Lego-building at home, of course.

We filled up the rest of the month with Marcus's rock climbing class, some good autumn playground time, and some puzzles on rainy days.

Though there have been a few cold days, we've still been walking everywhere and spending lots of time outside, and we're careful to shield Marcus's cello from the rain when need be.

We've visited with two neighborhood cats (it's unclear if they're strays, or just indoor-outdoor cats who like getting extra meals) that a woman feeds in the Southwest Corridor, and we see them every morning on our way to school unless it's been absolutely bitterly cold.

Robert and Samantha had a couple days of daddy-daughter time, going to the Apple Store, the mall, and the Museum of Science, as well as doing some home repairs and taking out the trash together. You know, quality time. . . . all in all, it's been a great month, and we can't believe it's December already!


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