Grandpa's Wedding

Robert's father Richard married Brigida on Saturday, October 11th--Marcus and Samantha therefore got to be, respectively, the ringbearer and flower girl in Grandpa's wedding that night. It was a small ceremony, just immediate family plus one friend of the bride and one of the groom, at the home of the officiant, right in Brighton, and afterward we all went to Golden Temple on Beacon Street for dinner. The next morning we met for a post-wedding brunch at Tavern in the Square in Allston, and the weekend concluded with a champagne toast at the bride and groom's home before out-of-towners needed to depart. Aunt Tia and Uncle Mike, with cousin Yasmine, flew in from Chicago, and Aunt Amanda and cousin Baby Katie drove up from New York.


Getting ready to leave for the wedding on Saturday:


Watching the bride and groom just before the ceremony:


Taking her flower girl duties seriously:


Sharing some of the flower joy with Baby Katie after the ceremony:


Cuddling (aunt/niece and mother/daughter):


Wedding smiles:


Group shots:


Leaving the wedding dinner:


Heading to brunch on Sunday:


And leaving brunch:



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