Summer 2014, Part 3

Summer's over, though I don't know how: Samantha, after hopefully telling her animals and dolls all summer that they would get to go back to "baby school" "too-morrow," started back yesterday. She is in the Dragonfly group this year with Esther, and some of her favorite friends are there too. She's had a fabulous first two days. Marcus starts first grade with Mr. Kelley tomorrow, and he's excited: he'll take the bus in tomorrow and Friday, because orchestra doesn't start until next week, and then Robert will bring him in by subway for orchestra in the mornings and I'll pick him up at the bus stop in the afternoons. My classes started today too, and I look forward to a good semester. Here are pictures from just a few of the highlights of the past month.

Playing with friends on the roof at my birthday party:

Seeing the mayor at a ReadBoston Storymobile event:

Learning to make pickles, after picking the vegetables, at a Drumlin Farm class with Grandma and Pop-pop:

Going to a few last movies in the parks:


Visiting with Debbie, down from Canada too briefly:

Spending a rainy day at the Children's Museum with Alex and Charlotte:

Having breastfeeding photos taken as part of a Boston Medical Center public awareness campaign:

Making magic wands and eating snow cones at the USES Arts in the Park festival:


Playing with Alex and Charlotte at the Jackson Square playground:

Learning to use a friend's scooter:

Being silly around the house:


Playing with animals and dolls:

Performing at the end-of-camp concert after a week of orchestra camp at his school:

Enjoying our time together as a family:



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