Summer 2014, Part 1

How is the summer half over already? I have no idea, but we've managed to stay busy and have plenty of fun, even though time is passing faster than we'd like. Here's a bit of what we've been up to so far.



Releasing butterflies on our roofdeck one evening just before bed (hence the Star Wars pajamas):


Having friends over for a bbq and pool day on our deck one Sunday afternoon:


Grilling on a weeknight on the deck just the three of us (Marcus was already in bed):


Going to a micro-car event at a local auto museum in Brookline:

(above right, posing with an early car with a toilet built in)


Watching "The Goonies" at a Free Friday Flick at the Hatch Shell (free funny putty giveaways):


Being active--swimming lessons at his daycamp (two weeks), tennis lessons at Harvard (a week for Marcus--he had a ball), bike riding from the Common home, playing in the Frog Pond, and playing softball (Robert):


Helping decorate for, volunteering at, and then going to Kidsweek at the church--"Weird Animals" theme, complete with a field trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Thursday:


Eating out--Aunt Mary discovered Jo Jo Taipei and loves it (Samantha clearly does too):




Eating ice cream and kofroyo of all kinds:


Celebrating Grandma Connie's birthday--Turkish food in Brookline and then JP Lick's cake back by the pond:



Spending two days in Gilford, New Hampshire with Robert's father and friend:

(above, getting ready to go, and having fun--or sleeping--in the car on the way up; below, stopping to buy maple syrup and, more importantly, two bags of made-fresh-while-we-waited in someone's laundry room, staring at their giant crated dog, maple cotton candy from Cormier Sugar House. The cotton candy was divine.)

(below: Samantha "signing" the "check" when we stopped at The Chateau on the drive down, reliving Robert's childhood with lobster pie and toasted ravioli)


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