May-June 2014

Summer's almost here, or so it feels. There's only a bit more school left for the kids, and the weather is getting warmer and nicer all the time. Despite the sunshine, Samantha is obsessed with "snowmans," and she and Robert created this masterpiece together. She wanted the daddy snowman in a big hat, baby snowman in a little hat, mommy snowman in a "funny" hat (gee, thanks!), and big brother snowman in a baseball hat. She's very certain that snowmans need feet.

This week was the Jimmy Fund Scooperbowl--we went with Sarah on a cool but ultimately dry afternoon and had ice cream for dinner for once. Robert made fun of the muffin tin I brought to organize the ice cream cups, but I have never had so many people call me a genius in such a short space of time--it totally worked, so take that, Robert!

We enjoyed a nice Saturday afternoon at the zoo with Pop-pop and Grandma. Samantha was terrified of the lion, even though he was completely asleep, and clung to Robert the whole time.

One Sunday evening we met Carlos and Sandra and their girls at Blue Asia Cafe in Allston for some Taiwanese comfort food, boba, and shaved ice, and then we went to watch the Boston Breakers (women's soccer) play at the Harvard Stadium. The kids had a great time hanging out, watching the game, and sharing snacks, and I think we'll try to do it again before the summer is over.

We went to the Kemp playground in Harvard Square for the first time this season, enjoying the sand and water play in the warmer weather, and having a Shake Shack picnic in the park for lunch. At some point while we were there, we noticed a policeman standing in the middle of the playground, arms on his hips, with his SUV parked on the grass just outside the playground fence, lights flashing. Another parent told us there was a sick squirrel under one of the play structures, and someone else had called the police. This cop just stood there staring at the squirrel for close to 10 minutes while children continued to play around him, mostly oblivious. At some point Samantha crossed the sand area between the cop and the squirrel, and he sprang into action, scooping her up under the arms. She screamed and flailed all her limbs wildly and he essentially dropped her into the sand as she went limp and armpitless and continued to scream. She found her way over to me, loudly complaining of the offense: "THAT MAN HOLDED MY BODY AND I DIDN'T LIKE THAT. I DIDN'T LIKE WHEN HE PICKED ME UP AND MOVED MY BODY!" We left the park not that long after, but Marissa reported that after we left, "backup" arrived and multiple police escorted the squirrel out of the area. What excitement!

Marcus had his last piano lesson until September, but he's been bringing the cello home from school on weekends and loves to practice. Of course, when he's playing the bass line to "Ode to Joy" it's kind of hard to imagine the rest, but I accompany him on the piano for a fuller effect. He can also play "Ode to Joy" on the piano, too, in a simple arrangement. He's really been loving school, and he has friends in his class, in his grade, and in all the grades of the school, thanks to the bus stop (pictured at right) and the YMCA afterschool he goes to occasionally.

We went to a really nice event at the Hyde Park Library--a chamber music family concert with participation, and an instrument petting zoo afterward. Marcus of course had to talk to the cellist a fair amount, but he also tried the bassoon, oboe, and violin.

To celebrate Sean's birthday, we went to brunch at La Qchara restaurant up near Stoughton, for a really fun meal of eggs benedict on arepas, chilaquiles, and fancy coffee drinks and lemonades. Then we went to Revere Beach for their kite festival, where the kids made kites, Sean and Sarah both brought kites of their own, and we admired other people's giant kites. A final stop at the Route 1 mini golf place rounded out a great day.

We've had more casual fun around town and at home, too, of course, and we're looking forward to summer to really arrive!


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