May 2014

Spring is here, and it feels like summer is around the corner. Marcus got another blue stripe on his belt in karate, while Samantha dresses up in construction-worker gear at home and calls that her karate belt.

Marcus got a light saber as a prize for learning to read, and, unprompted, Samantha immediately demonstrated her fencing stance. Meanwhile, Marcus also got his real cello in school, graduating from the paper orchestra to the real thing, and we all went to the MFA for another family art day, this time joined by Garrison and Clarinda. The bell choir concert at the museum was a huge hit, with Marcus watching them entranced for nearly their whole hour-long performance.

I had a party for my women's studies students at the house, with rainbow fruit skewers, and Samantha went to her first "friend" birthday party from BUCCI (pictured is Aura, another member of the Flamingo Group). Playing Flamingo Group (i.e., school) is Samantha's favorite game at home--she lines up Lego people or Playmobil people and stuffed animals and she leads them in songs and counting; she reads books to them and asks them questions ("Is the big horse's tail up or down? Up. Yes. Good! Is the little horses's tail up or down? Down. Yes. Good!") and sends some children down to lunch in a hysterical parody of preschool. She can go on for an hour or so like this, completely absorbed.

We loved getting to see Rie and Steve on their visit East, and together we all celebrated Aunt Mary's 89th birthday.

We enjoyed Wake up the Earth, as we do every year, and this year it wasn't even terribly rainy or muddy.

Marcus loves his bike and would ride it everywhere if we let him. He's fast up hills now, and he can ride standing up too.

We celebrated Mother's Day at the Arboretum for Lilac Sunday with a picnic--Engin, Basok, and Deniz came, along with other friends and family. Samantha presented me with a bouquet of dandelions. Marcus and Alex and Garrison caught (and released, thankfully) toad after toad.

We relish our time together--weekdays are busy, but on weekends we try to pack in as much fun as possible...

...until sleep overcomes us.

Date night! We celebrated spring by going out for sushi and to the brand-new Cambridge H-Mart while my parents stayed with the kids. Woo-hoo!

Movies! We take 'em.

Samantha feeding Robert pudding

Samantha playing "Flamingo Group"

Samantha singing "You are my Sunshine"

Samantha singing her favorite "Silly Song" by Alastair Moock: "A B C D little star, how I wonder have you any wool. The wheels on the baby don't say a word. Old MacDonald had a mockingbird. Row, row, row your little lamb. Polly wolly muffin man."


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