Easter Weekend 2014


Saturday: BAA 5K Race Day--Suzi came up from DC to run, and we all cheered her on in Copley Square. "That's my S!" Samantha cheered. "Yay, S!" When Suzi passed by, Samantha helpfully said, "Suzi goed!" We got free samples in Copley, then breakfast sandwiches at Flour and spent a sunny hour or two at the playground on Clarendon before heading home to dye eggs and bake for Easter.


Sunday: Easter Sunday--we had a nice day with friends and family, first with morning services at Park Street with Engin, Basok, and Deniz, and then dinner with the grandparents on Jamaica Pond, and then a stop by Sarah's house for some Easter (?) video games and extra treats.


Monday: Patriots' Day/Marathon Day--Robert took the day off and we all hopped the alumnae bus to Wellesley to cheer on runners, enjoy bouncy houses and a mechanical bull and BBQ on Munger Meadow, have fun with the controversial "naked man" statue near the Davis Museum, and then have bubble tea and a three-hour bus ride back to Boston. Debbie came over in the evening and we ate Thai take-out and talked before sending her back to Canada.



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