March and April 2014

It's finally spring--we've had a few nice warm sunny days, though in between there have still been frosts and plenty of rain--and we've had a lovely couple months. Both kids are thriving in school. Marcus can read! He also graduated to his real cello this week, from the cardboard one, and is working on bow positioning and rhythm as he starts to learn to play. He was also one of two kindergarteners chosen to be on the "Story Committee," working with six kids from the upper grades to together craft the story for a musical composition the school orchestra is having commissioned. Samantha continues to be very verbal, making plans to say hello to one person first and another second, and then informing you of these plans, and picking up songs after just hearing them sung once. Both kids are loving having Grandma and Pop-pop and Aunt Mary finally living in Boston.

One Saturday after karate we went to another of the art-making family events at the MFA. The kids had great fun in the different galleries, and then especially with a print-making activity in one of the downstairs classrooms.

We also went to Drumlin Farm another Saturday for one of their "Wildlife Detective" activities, where Marcus learned the term "scat" (as opposed to poop, or manure, the guide explained) and learned to track rabbits and deer around the farm. We then got to examine rabbit skulls (vs. chipmunk skulls), hear a lecture on hens and roosters, and see a baby lamb born that morning.

With Robert away on another business trip, we went to the Arboretum for some bike-riding on Marcus's brand-new big (20") bike. He's really getting great at the hand brakes. He rode all over while Sean walked near him, and Sarah and I and Samantha and my parents hung back a little.

Another Saturday--a beautiful 70-degree sunny day--we went to the BU Hindu Students' Association Holi festival on Cummington Street. This was all of our first Holi, and it was fabulous. Samantha was asleep in the sling when we arrived, but she woke up after we were there for about an hour (watching Bollywood dances and generally just going nuts with the colored powders) and soon figured out what to do. She and Marcus had a ball. He announced, unprompted, that this was the most fun he's ever had in his life. Happy Holi!

On Palm Sunday, we went to my parents' house after church and brought in food from El Oriental de Cuba. Then we met Sarah and Sean, Miriam and Davis and kids, and Jef and Jin Yoon and kids at Ron's Ice Cream and Bowling in Hyde Park for most of the kids' first-ever bowling experience--and ice cream cake.

One Saturday we got our deck in shape for the spring, and then had friends from church over for dinner in the evening. Marcus and Juan Carlos played Lego Star Wars on the Xbox for ages--the headset isn't actually connected to anything, but they sure had fun taking turns wearing it.


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