More Winter Fun

Marcus at five and a half is making great strides in reading, and even Samantha is echoing him and repeating "uh, uh, uh, short U uh!" when she sees a random letter (for her, not necessarily a U at all). He likes to read baby books aloud to her, and she'll lean over and tell him, "Sound it out, honey! Sound it out!" if he's stuck. We had a great winter vacation week using the on-campus daycamp for Marcus, and I loved getting to have both kids on campus with me and getting to ride the bus in and out with them both every day. Robert's traveling also slowed down for awhile, but now it seems to be picking up again, just as it's starting to be spring.

It's been a busy month--thank goodness we have some good sleepers around here!

Everyone enjoyed the snow.



Robert and I and Samantha went to Brazilian BBQ in Copley Square for Valentine's Day, which happened to fall on a Friday, while Marcus ran around playing floor hockey with Owen and Ty and other kids at kids' night at the church.

It's been a crafty month around here: first I made heart and Darth Vader cookies for Valentine's Day and brought them in for my Women's Studies students, and then with Sarah and Sean we made woodland animals cookies for Meg's baby shower.

Marcus also made a cardboard cello in orchestra, so that he can practice holding it and working on hand positions in preparation for getting his real cello in August.

We saw our last three college hockey games of the season--BU vs. Providence, first at BU with Sean and Sarah and Marissa and Alex, then at Providence, then at BU again for a quarter-final game. Samantha gave Lexi big hugs after the games to make her happier.

We went to the Children's Museum one Sunday after church for a couple hours, and both kids had great fun, as always.

As Pop-Pop and Grandma's moving date approaches, we got to go to their apartment and check out the bathroom in a state of renovation. Marcus and Samantha also inspected Aunt Mary's closet.

We've also had some fun times with Sarah and Sean--at pizza after a hockey game, at Sean's house during the baby shower (men and kids party only--trains, meatloaf, pineapple upside down cake, and then a playground trip), and at Miriam's house afterward (dining room hockey, complete with all the right markings).



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