Christmas and New Year's 2013

Christmas, 2013: the kids are 5 and 2. Samantha is 33" and 25lbs, and Marcus is 45" and 44lbs. They love each other's company and were a joy at the holiday, and everyday. We got home Christmas night from Panama and opened presents together at our house then. The kids had cocoa and Robert had coffee and then we watched a couple random Christmas specials on TV (Ice Age and How to Tame Your Dragon, I think, both of which Samantha loved and Marcus slept through). The next day, Robert got a day of work in and I took the kids to the MFA for their vacation week art activities. They made Chinese-inspired "tin" drums with frogs, African masks, and Mayan "ceremonial vessels" (decorated styrofoam cups) and had a ball.

On the 27th, I took them to the Copley Library to see "Tubby the Tuba" with the principal tuba player from the BSO, and other musicians; Marcus was absolutely entranced, and who knows, he might want to take up the tuba too. We came home to assemble some Christmas Lego presents, most notably this great space shuttle from Grandma Judy.

That night I cooked a festive Christmas dinner at our house. Robert's father and his friend came over, along with Great-Grandma Helena's friends Lori and John, and we opened more presents and enjoyed each other's company.

The following day we went to New York to continue celebrating Christmas and to stay through New Year's. We had a nice lunch with Aunt Pauline; cousins Helene, Dom, and Tom; and Robert's sister Amanda, Andre, and three-month-old Katie.

In New York we got Filipino bbq, Korean fried chicken, all-you-can-eat sushi (with Stu) and Korean bbq (with Cori), upscale sushi (with Ben and Lise), Korean samples from a brand-new H-Mart, and fun Chinese lunches at a mall foodcourt in Flushing. The kids got a lot of Pop Pop and Grandma time in, enjoying their playground and all the toys that live at their house.

We went with Stu to see Ben and Lise's one-day-old baby, bringing Lise chocolate bars from The Chocolate Room in Park Slope along the way.

Marcus played perhaps a hundred hands of cards, mostly Uno, with some War and Kings-in-the-Corners thrown in for good measure.

We went to the NY Hall of Science to see their giant gingerbread city, try out their new "Maker Fair" style area, and watch their holiday ice sculptor at work.

Marcus got his second-ever professional haircut, the only one he was ever awake for, and he stared in wonderment around him, having never, in his waking memory, seen inside a salon or barbershop.

Many toys were played with, many movies watched, and much joy ensued. (The glasses are just for pretending, to look like Pop Pop.)

Happy new year!




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