Minnesota Trip 2013

Summer brings with it the chance to go visit our cousins, aunts, and uncles in Minnesota. Since no one was getting married or graduating or organizing an official family reunion this year, we were free to time our visit to that other well-known family event, the State Fair. We flew out on Marcus's fifth birthday, and though we just stayed for five days, we managed to pack lots of fun and family visits into the trip.

Sibling time on the plane over:

Minnehaha Park, fish tacos and ice cream at Sea Salt, and a walk/hike down to Minnehaha Falls:

Dinner at Uncle Frank's house, with a birthday pile of Rice Krispy treats and a transformer for Marcus:


Playtime with the next generation of cousins--second cousins Samantha (almost 2), Wyatt (almost 4), Gavin (almost 5), Marcus (5), and Brady (10).

State Fair fun, including draft root beer and bumper boats in the Kidway:



Quilts in the handicraft building, peanut butter fudge puppies (waffles with chocolate peanut butter cups inside, on a stick, with fudge and whipped cream and peanut butter sauce), and newborn piglets in the birth barn:

Cheese curds (deep-fried, fresh with Cajun seasonings, and in poutine):

Roasted corn on the cob:

Watching the parade:

Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies, kettle corn near the lumberjack show, and sleeping kids at the end of a ten-hour Fair day:

Playtime with Brady:

Playtime with Wyatt:

Chinese lunch, three adults and four kids:

Watching Cousin Susie's horses Chloe and Joker do barrels in a show in Hugo (it was very warm):

Dare-devil climbing under the bleachers during the show:

Video games with Brady and Mark:

Uncle Frank's pontoon boat:

Fishing off Brian's dock (Medicine Lake):

Naptime cuddles with dogs or children:

Sunday night self-serve Ko-fro-yo--an eye-opener for Uncle Frank, and enjoyed by everyone else as well:

A hayride behind Uncle Frank's new tractor, through the fields and past the railroad tracks and up onto the street past the great uncles' houses:

Lunch with Mark, Brady, and Uncle Michael at Mayslack's (Slogan: "Nobody beats Mayslack's meats") for lunch before heading to the airport (with a quick stop at Sebastian Joe's, not pictured, for roasted garlic ice cream):

King-sized bed nights after busy days:

Finally, a few pictures for Vanessa, who, along with others in the family out there, finds it hard to imagine where we live--our block, our stoop, and our windows:

And a quick look back at our other Minnesota trips as a family:


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