Late Summer 2013

On Thursday Marcus turns five years old! He's 43.5" tall and weighs 40.5 pounds. He tends to sleep from 6pm until 8am if we have a busy day with lots of outdoor time--as we tend to do, these days. He can pump so well on a swing he doesn't need any pushes to get started, and he can ride a bike and a scooter and play nicely with his sister. He has theories about everything--sometimes I think he'd rather talk about things than do them, and he's always hypothesizing about things and announcing "I'm curious about. . . " other things. He's excited about starting K2 at the Quincy School in a couple weeks, but meanwhile we're just enjoying the end of our summer together. We've done so much--trips to the zoo and Museum of Science, block parties, arts festivals in the parks, storytellers and books at the library, craft hours, tennis lessons, new playgrounds, old favorite playgrounds, sprinklers, swimming pools, a trip to Carson Beach in South Boston (just a couple blocks from the UMass T station). We've had a great summer, and I'll be sad to see it end.

Just sitting around, nibbling (that's corn on the cob at the right):

At a pretty fantastic block party on Wellington Street--amazing food, great bouncy houses, popcorn, sprinklers--what fun!

At the Frog Pond. Charlotte is singing "It's a Small World" with me, while Marcus is "taking a nap" on his towel.


At the Children's Museum.

Watching Marcus play tennis:


At the beach, with random little boys:

Making faces, listening to a reptile show on the Boston Common, and playing Wii in the Prudential after a World Breastfeeding Week event at Magic Beans:

At a brand-new playground on Columbus and Clarendon:

My little cyclist:

Picnics at the Prudential Garden:

Picnics and movies at the Hatch Shell:


Bumper boats--his first independent one! He's so proud--and mini golf (Samantha caddied) at Kimball's (and ice cream, of course):


CSA potluck and lots of corn and apples at Stillman's farm (Marcus also loved their treehouse, slide, zipline, and trampoline, of course):


Raspberry and blueberry picking at Stillman's, again, in New Braintree:

At the zoo:

Arts in the Park day, by United South End Settlements:


A drizzly day at the playground (playing "Baby Monster Tag"):


Birthday presents:


Heading out to adventures:

Washing off the grime:

Resting and recharging:


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