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July is gone--somehow. I'm not sure where. Meanwhile, Samantha is now 19 months old, 33 inches tall, 23.5 pounds, and talking in two- and three-word sentences.

We've still been going to see Robert's softball team play on the Common. At one game, Marcus pronounced Stefan "the greatest hitter in the world"; Anthony turned Marcus on to sunflower seeds at another game; Samantha decided she could handle a big-kid bike (shh, she can't); and a random photography class showed up, sat on the foul line, and started trading tips about sports photography during still another game.

Our kids play hard and sleep hard. Marcus usually sleeps 13 hours a night if he doesn't get a nap in during the day, but he naps about four days a week on average.

We spent a grey, cloudy Thursday with Amalia and Sabrina and Ren--Marcus and Amalia were thrilled to have a long stretch of time to play together and discuss Very Important Four-Year-Old Things.

We've gone to the beach, all sorts of playgrounds, the Museum of Science, and almost every story hour or free musical event that we can.

We spent a five-day weekend in New York in the middle of July--it was a nice combination of museum trips and family visits, with three nights out in a row for Robert and me as well (ping pong bar with Hunter friends, fancy Korean cafe with butter toast. . . fun!). Marcus and Samantha absolutely loved getting to spend time with Grandma, Pop-pop, and Aunt Mary, and the feeling was of course mutual. Highlights of the visit include the Hall of Science mini golf course, the animal dioramas at the Museum of Natural History, the Chinese foodcourt in the basement of the mall on Roosevelt Street, Rie and Steve's visit from California, and the "Lady and the Tramp" DVD, which Samantha lost her mind in excitement over.


Back in Boston, we went peach picking with Sarah and Sean at Lookout Farm in Natick one Sunday after church. We picked over 25 pounds of peaches--I'm making peach jam, frozen peaches, peach smoothies, peach sherbet, roasted peaches, and all other sorts of delights. After the farm we went to Minado in Framingham for dinner, and then Sarah and Sean went home and we went on to Mendon for our annual pilgrimage to a drive-in movie. Nothing super special was playing--Despicable Me 2 and Turbo--but the kids had a lot of fun running around on the hills before the movie started, playing with frisbees and balls and bubbles, and Marcus enjoyed the movie itself as well.


A couple movies from the month:



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