Father's Day Weekend

On Friday night we kicked off our festive Father's Day weekend with an "Arrested Development" party at Sarah and Sean's house. We ate cornballs, hot ham water, frozen bananas (pictured), and we drank unlimited juice. It was a wild and crazy night, complete with a power failure/blown fuse, a lot of "Veggie Tales" in another room for Marcus, and some Internet connection problems that threatened to put a damper on the entire reason for our gathering in the first place. Miriam drove us home afterward, and we tumbled our exhausted kids straight to bed.

On Saturday, we had planned a Cape Cod daytrip to help celebrate Karen's birthday, so we rented a big eight-seater minivan and Sarah and Sean, Debbie, and Karen all piled in along with the four of us and we drove to Sandwich. We had iced coffee and banana-chocolate chip wheat muffins for breakfast in the car.

At 10:00, after a quick bathroom stop at the Visitors' Center, we walked across the long boardwalk to the Cape Cod National Seashore.

We had Rainier cherries, orange segments, peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, cucumber/cream-cheese/watercress sandwiches, tortilla chips and sliced veggies w/an avocado-ranch dip, blueberry sodas, juice, and root beer, plus chocolate chip cookies, as a picnic on the beach.

The kids played in the sand, with Debbie and Karen (mostly Debbie) getting coerced into helping to bring water for some more sand construction; I took a lovely nap; Robert tried and failed to get a kite up into the air; rocks got climbed on and tiny crabs got caught; and before we knew it it was after 2:00.

Eventually we packed everything up, walked back across the very long boardwalk, and drove to a nearby restaurant, Seafood Sam's, to meet Karen's brother John for lunch.

The fried monkfish Sean had was great, and the clam fritters and lobster bisque I ordered were excellent. Marcus had a lobster roll, but in retrospect we should have known he was coming down with something then because he only ate half of it and then put his head down on my lap to rest.

From lunch we drove to the nearby Sandwich Mini Golf, where Samantha slept through sixteen of the eighteen holes, and Marcus got a hole in one on the last hole, winning a coupon for a free game.

Everyone had a great time golfing, even though we were such a large and lumbering group we let several other families go ahead of us.

Our next stop was at the Ice Cream Sandwich for ice cream--Sarah had salted caramel with chocolate covered pretzels, I had lemon shortbread, Marcus had strawberry, and Samantha ate some of all of the above. Full and very happy, we got back on the road and drove home, able to deposit Debbie at her Bruins-game-watching-party just about at 8:00.

Samantha decided she was done with the car trip, though, and was very sad and mournful for the final leg of the drive home. We made it, though, and then Robert and the kids put on matching Darth Vader pajamas (hello, Father's Day present!) and Sarah and Sean stayed to watch about half of "Return of the Jedi" with us.

On Sunday morning I made peanut butter spelt waffles with a homemade peanut butter sauce, and then we went over to Robert's father's house for a barbeque (ribs and sirloin steaks). Marcus started coming down with a virus, though, and we had to cut the day short, returning home only at 4:30 in the afternoon instead of staying much later. Still, despite the one sick kid, we had a lovely weekend.

Sunday night we just watched some kid movies and I made miso soup and the kids ate popsicles I'd made a few weeks ago. Happy Father's Day, Robert!


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