A Visit from Grandma Judy and Cousin Emi

On Thursday night, Grandma Judy and Cousin Emi arrived for a long weekend visit after Marcus was in bed. Samantha was up, though, and very happy to play, hug, and be hugged.

On Friday, we all took the day off to spend with Grandma and Emi. After Grandma's famous cinnamon-sugar french toast for breakfast, we went to the Museum of Science, where Samantha had a great time puttering about at the water table, and Marcus got to play with animal puppet and costumes, help assemble an ostrich skeleton, watch baby chicks hatch, and check in on his favorite musical sculpture. After a long walk to the Whole Foods in the West End for picnic fixings, we picnicked on a lawn near Government Center and then went for Red Mango frozen yogurt on our way home.

The kids played with the sand table up on the roof while I watered our plants and Robert grilled mini burgers on pretzel rolls for dinner, and then we watched part of "The Wizard of Oz" together--Samantha and Marcus were completely entranced.

After Marcus went to bed, we watched "The Sound of Music" with Emi, since somehow she'd managed to reach the ripe old age of eleven without ever having seen it once.

On Saturday, we had Kesar mango with coconunt milk and sticky rice for breakfast, and then we got to visit with some of the neighborhood dogs on our way to Marcus's karate lesson. Grandma Judy got to watch the lesson while Emi played with Samantha, and then we all stopped at a playground (Samantha is a total swing junkie) before we hopped on the train downtown.

We went to the Chocolate Bar buffet "brunch" at the Langham Hotel at Post Office Square. Emi almost ate her weight in chocolate-covered strawberries, Grandma Judy and Robert kept the made-to-order crepe lady in business, and Marcus and Samantha (both free, which greatly satisfied Robert's sense of economy) also managed to have a great time.

From there we took a cab to the Esplanade, and walked over to enjoy a big-kid playground and a festival at the Hatch Shell before taking a long walk home. Dinner was grilled chicken, again eaten upstairs on the roof.

On Sunday, we made pancakes at home and had a leisurely morning, before meeting Grandma's friend Nancy for a dim sum lunch in Chinatown. Everyone, from Samantha on up, ate their fill.

After dim sum we walked through the Common to the Gardens, getting balloon creations, going on the Swan Boats, and posing for pictures, before heading home by way of Titus Sparrow Playground. Nancy visited for the afternoon, and then we got Wings Over Boston delivered for dinner.

On Monday, Marcus went off to school and Grandma Judy and Emi flew home. Please come again--we had a great visit!


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