The Big Snow of 2013

Called by some Nemo, and technically not called a blizzard because it never really achieved white-out conditions, a massive snowstorm of 25" arrived in Boston on Friday and Saturday February 8-9. It was thirty-five years and one day after the Blizzard of '78, and Governor Patrick ordered a statewide ban on driving for 24 hours and shut down the MBTA for almost 48 hours. As of Tuesday after, schools have been closed for three days and the city parking ban and state of snow emergency has still not been lifted. Samantha got her first experience walking on snow and sledding, and Marcus enjoyed every minute of our snow time.


Getting bundled up to go out:

In front of our house (snow emergency route, no cars) on Saturday afternoon and then on a side street with buried cars:

Walking around the South End:

Sledding in Titus Sparrow with a third-grade friend from the bus stop:


Making snowballs:

Playing on our roofdeck:


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