January 2013

At thirteen months old, Samantha can get off the couch easily by herself and go down the steps in our house effortlessly. She is talking more, signing "more" and "all done," and she has a word for Marcus that sounds sort of like "Dih-dis." It's been a nice month--a few very warm days, a few bitterly cold days, a little bit of snow, and some low-key family fun while we adjust back to school and work.

Catching up on the pictures from the week before Christmas--here was Marcus going to school for his pajama party day (dragon pjs), Robert with kids at Indian buffet in JP, and Marcus showing his now empty (and highly successful) Playmobil Advent calendar.

Then a group pic from the final week of the sign language class I went to with Samantha.

Samantha loves playgrounds now; Marcus still loves climbing trees; and Samantha will eat just about anything, with even more gusto if Marcus feeds it to her.


One Saturday we went to a one-man circus show at the Coolidge and loved it, then out for pizza at Otto's with Jef and kids and Alex and Marissa, and then to Trader Joe's with just Alex. One of the highlights of the show was Robert's volunteered stage performance as "a big guy" who provided a steadying hand as the clown added more and more things to his balancing act.

We had a little snow on the first day of my classes (this is the view from my office window, incidentally), but it all melted by the middle of the afternoon.

January was full of nice projects, such as making cookies with Sarah for the church coffee hour or fixing Roombas with Daddy.

This month I also hit a great sale at H&M and brought home this Star Wars hat, which Marcus promptly decided should be Samantha's.

We went to see Lexi's team play hockey at Northeastern, where Marcus both discovered that he could bite a soft pretzel (free!) into various numbers and where, with a lot of coaxing, he finally got out onto the ice after the game with Robert. The "big scary wolf dog," the Huskies mascot, was a bit intimidating, I think.

The following week, we had another hockey adventure, this one our most exciting hockey experience yet, when we took the commuter rail from Ruggles (just a five-block walk from our house) to Providence, to see Lexi play on her home ice at Providence College. Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy were visiting from Minnesota that weekend, so they took us out to lunch first and then dinner at Angelo's and pastry at Roma's afterward. We had a fabulous day--we loved the club room and the casual potluck before, during, and after the game, and Marcus had a ball at the after-game skate. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Taking the train down

Watching the game

Post-game skate

Getting pastry. We very quickly had two sleeping kids here.

Taking the train back at night

This month Robert also took Marcus to the Museum of Fine Arts MLK Jr Day family open house, where they did art projects and found great paintings of Hercules and Pegasus, which Marcus is now fascinated by. Before the hockey game, earlier that weekend, Alex came over to play and Marcus proudly showed off his top bunk, where he's been sleeping since we got back from Thailand.

We got a little bit more snow at the end of the month, as well as a crazily warm 60-degree day right afterward. Samantha, not a fan of extreme weather, would rather play inside.

Marcus is continuing with piano lessons; in fact, he had his first very very very low-key recital at the end of January. Samantha loves playing with the older kids waiting for their lessons while he is in his class.


Samantha still sleeps with us, but might move to the bottom bunk in a few months. For now, Robert is happy to use her for warmth at night.


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