Christmas 2012

Christmas this year sort of crept up on us, what with Samantha's birthday and our preparations for our trip. But we got a little live Christmas tree in a pot and Marcus had a great time decorating it with me. He also loved his Playmobil Advent calendar, with different parts of knights or dragons every day of December.

We had a potluck Christmas party on Friday the 21st with Sarah and Sean and two other families from the church, and that was a nice way to kick off the holiday weekend.

Samantha had fun playing with Marcus and Ramsey (7), and all of Marcus's assorted Playmobil. Carson (12) also took Samantha by the hand and walked her around the house, and then built train tracks with Marcus and Torin (2).

On Saturday I made us all do handprints on canvas--this was a Christmas present to me, this year, and then Robert hung them up on our living room wall. We'd always had the four fish there, apparently just waiting for us to be a family of four, but now our hands hang along with them. From left to right, we are Samantha, me, Marcus, and Robert.

We tried to distribute the Christmas gifts from out-of-town relatives and friends over a period of time, so there wasn't an inundation on Christmas Day. On Sunday the 23rd Marcus opened a very cool electronics kit from Emmy, John, and their mom and dad, and he and Robert busily made circuits all that afternoon and then again on Christmas Eve.

In the afternoon on Christmas Eve, we met Marissa and family at Park Street for the carols service and then all had a great festive dinner in Chinatown.

On Christmas Day we woke up to a light dusting of snow, and a Star Wars Lego set from Grandma Judy.

Then we went to Lynn to celebrate with Grandpa and Great-Grandma.


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