Backyard Camping in Roslindale

Robert and Marcus have been talking about going camping for awhile. Robert, of course, loves the idea, and Marcus saw an episode of "Curious George" about camping and has been hooked ever since. I, on the other hand, am not a camper. At all. But since Robert was feeling bad about summer waning, and missing the last week of summer when he was away in Australia for work, I figured I'd try to set up a special camping treat for him the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend when he got back home. With the help of Sarah and Sean, then, and the fabulous hospitality of Miriam and Davis, we managed to go backyard camping even though we have neither any camping gear nor a backyard.

We convened at Miriam's house in Roslindale a little after 4:00 to start setting things up. Sarah and Sean had a two-room tent and Davis a small one-room tent, but we decided to set up both of them just to give "the men" more options for the sleeping arrangements. At one point, we even moved Davis's little tent into one of the rooms of Sean's big tent for kicks. Marcus and Garrison helped set things up.

Then we had dinner--hot dogs and a few salads--up on the deck, and we watched the baby sisters play together and keep a close eye on the fun the big brothers were having down in the yard below (which, at the moment, mostly consisted of moving all of Garrison's outdoor toys, trucks, balls, etc. into one of the tents and laughing uproariously).

After dinner, Davis moved his tent out of the way and set up a firepit borrowed from a neighbor so we could toast marshmallows and make s'mores. Clarinda went upstairs to sleep in her crib, and Sam burrowed down into my wrap to sleep as well; the little boys put on pajamas, and the daddies took the sleepy boys into the tent to go to sleep. Robert told Marcus a story about a kangaroo family going camping in the outback, with the mommy kangaroo saving the day by pulling lots of useful items out of her pouch.

I kissed Marcus goodnight, Miriam went upstairs to Clarinda, Sarah and Sean drove me and Samantha home, and Robert and Marcus got their camping trip after all before summer's end.

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